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Colad Launches to Design, Personalize, & 3D Proof your Own Custom Packaging

Unique first- of- its- kind website empowers users to design and customize their own EcoCertified binders, boxes, folders, and scrapbooks with no minimum quantity. Users have access to 1000s of graphics, millions of images, real- time 3D proofing, and easy online design tools. Buffalo, NY ( PRWEB ) September 04, 2011 – The Colad Group [...]

Rigid Set-Up Box Icon

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Assortment of Rigid Set-Up Boxes

Foil Stamped Rigid Set-Up Box

Turned Edge Box with Tabbed Inserts

Specialty Wrapped Rigid Set-Up Box

Clamshell Box

Turned Edge Rigid Set-Up Box

Specialty Turned Edge Rigid Box

Rigid Set-Up Box with Case

Award Winning Rigid Set-Up Box

Flash/Jump Drive Rigid Set-Up Box

Specialty Turned-Edge Packaging

Packaging Icon

Assortment of Product Packaging

Assortment of Packaging Options

Helipac Cases

Handled Tote with Flex Hinge Binders

Handled Tote with Dual Latches

Handled Tote with Flex Hinged Binders

Full-Color Tote with Velcro

Litho-Mounted Tote

Turned Edge Tote with CD Holder

Self Locking Two-sided Rollover Box with Foam Insert

Litho Mounted Ipod Package

Litho Mounted Box

Litho Mounted Toolkit Box with Velcro Closure

Self-Locking Packaging

Custom Packaging

Litho Mounted Corrugated Packaging

Corporate Give-A-Way Package

Litho Mounted Corrugated Box

Custom Packaging

Custom Die Cut Promotional Packaging

Assortment of Point of Purchase Displays

P.O.P Table Top Display

Countertop Display

Full Color Flash Drive Packaging

Custom Die Cut Coffee/Tea Packaging

Specialty Packaging Design

Gameboard with Gameboard box

Computer Game Packaging

Software Case

Vinyl Matchplate Holder

Multimedia Packaging

Multimedia Toolkit

Multimedia Packaging – CD Case

Certificate Holder

Turned-Edge Commemorative Coin Album

Foil Stamped Commemorative Coin Album

Binder Icon

Assortment of 3-Ring Binders

Turned Edge Binder with Tabs

Turned Edge Binder with Finger Pull

Turned Edge Binder

Binder with Fingerpull

Full Color 3-Ring Binder

Full Color Round Ring Flex Hinge Binder

Turned Edge Flex Hinge Ring Binder

Flex Hinge Binders

Special Occasion Binder

D-Ring Flex Hinge Binder

Vinyl Planner

Vinyl Binder

Vinyl Silk Screen Binder

Full Color Vinyl Binder

Silk Screened Vinyl Binder

Vinyl Portfolio

Vinyl Portfolio with CD Pocket

Expanded Vinyl Binder

Foil Stamped Vinyl Portfolio

Embedment 3-Ring Binder

Full-Color Paperboard Binder with Tabs

Paperboard Binder with Frosted Poly Cover

Paperboard Binder

Vinyl Tent Easel Binder

Tent Easel Binder

Kit Folder

Award Winning Foil Stamped Pocket Folder

Multimedia Presentation Folder

Poly Portfolio

Kit Folder

Kit Folder with Spinning Wheel Cover

Custom Tabs

Full Color Custom Tabs

Mylar Tabs

Slipcase Icon

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Assortment of Slipcases

Custom Slipcase with Books

Slipcase with Plastic Coil Books

Custom Die Cut Slipcase with Perfect Bound Book

Turned Edge Slipcase with Books

Turned Edge Slipcase with Magnetic Closure

Turned Edge Slashbox

Silk Screened Turned-Edge Slipcase and Slashbox

Turned-Edge Slipcase with Binder

Poly Slipcase with Binder

Turned-Edge Binder and Slipcase

Oversized Turned-Edge Slipcase with 3-Ring Binders

Eco-Appeal Icon

Eco-Appeal Binders