Colad Launches to Design, Personalize, & 3D Proof your Own Custom Packaging

Unique first- of- its- kind website empowers users to design and customize their own EcoCertified binders, boxes, folders, and scrapbooks with no minimum quantity. Users have access to 1000s of graphics, millions of images, real- time 3D proofing, and easy online design tools.

Buffalo, NY ( PRWEB ) September 04, 2011 – The Colad Group launched , a unique website enabling customers to design and personalize their own custom Eco- Certified packaging with no quantity restrictions. Customizable packaging offered on ThePaperWorker includes three ring binders, reinforced paper binders, gift boxes, 3 ring scrapbooks, and presentation folders. ThePaperWorker is the first marketplace of its kind to offer these products, and is the first website in the world to feature real- time 3D proofing of user- designed dimensional custom packaging.

Individuals, businesses and organizations can now create their own eye- catching custom binders, boxes, and packaging containing their own personalized designs, images, logos and text. Each customizable product has all the attributes that have earned Colad a strong reputation over the past 60 years: high- quality materials, beautiful photo- quality printing, durable construction, and great design coupled with affordable pricing.

“Colad has been the leader in designing and manufacturing custom binders, folders, and dimensional packaging for over 60 years. ThePaperWorker merges our custom product offerings with our digital packaging capabilities and allows users to create their own Eco- Certified personalized custom packaging with no minimum quantity requirements. ThePaperWorker has done the work for you by offering thousands of designs and millions of images – and with 3D proofing, we’ve taken the uncertainty out of the process,” said Todd Anson, President of Colad.

ThePaperWorker empowers users to:

  • Create custom binders, gift boxes, folders, and scrapbooks for personal or business use
  • Order 1 or 1 million – no minimum order quantity and no setup fees
  • Choose from 3 methods to create your own custom product: 1) Select from thousands of graphic designs and use our online design tools to personalize; 2) Select a blank template and start from scratch, using our online design tools to customize; or 3) Download a template to design offline and then upload onto the site to proof your creation as a rotatable 3D rendering
  • Personalize with text, photos and logos, and access millions of premium images & backgrounds
  • View their customized products in real- time 3D throughout the design process, which is especially critical for the custom dimensional products like binders, boxes, folders, and scrapbooks
  • Review ‘ Virtual Product Tours’ for every product offered on ThePaperWorker
  • Promote responsibly- sourced renewable paper products Eco- Certified by FSC® or SFI® is the first site in the world to offer many of these features. Only ThePaperWorker offers a turnkey solution for completely customizable turned- edge three ring binders or scrapbooks, or for fully personalized boxes. Only ThePaperWorker offers real- time 3D proofing so that customers can understand the
construction of multi- panel dimensional printed products. “Never before have customers been able to create their own environmentally friendly packaging made of renewable paper from responsibly managed sources that are verified as Eco- Certified by the leading global organizations supporting sustainable forestry. We think
ThePaperWorker will be a game changer because it enables individuals and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the planet, and it fills a dimensional packaging niche that has been neglected by the large online print superstores,” said Anson.

About Colad
For over 60 years, The Colad Group has been a leader in designing and manufacturing custom presentation and promotional packaging including binders & folders, sales & marketing kits, totes & boxes, dimensional mailers, and personalized Dynamic Digital Packaging ®. Based in Buffalo, NY, Colad has a great reputation for high
quality products and exceptional customer service. Colad’s strengths have earned it a customer base that not only loves the company’s products but also truly enjoys working with Colad from design through delivery. Colad is Eco- Certified by FSC® and SFI® and is an EPA Green Power® Partner for its use of renewable Wind energy.