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Leading Packaging Company Expands with Four New Sales Hires

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Matt Anson, President, Pack Appeal Phone: (410) 362-3700 Fax: (410) 362-7212 matt@packappeal.com Download Text and Image at: www.packappeal.com/press_releases/downloads.html Leading Packaging Company Expands with Four New Sales Hires Baltimore, MD, March 7, 2011 – Pack Appeal, a division of Bindagraphics, proudly announces four new sales hires – Ron Schilling, Sean FitzPatrick, Mike [...]

Handled Tote with Flex Hinge Binders

Handled Tote with Flex Hinged Binders

Binder Icon

Assortment of 3-Ring Binders

Turned Edge Binder with Tabs

Turned Edge Binder with Finger Pull

Turned Edge Binder

Binder with Fingerpull

Full Color 3-Ring Binder

Full Color Round Ring Flex Hinge Binder

Turned Edge Flex Hinge Ring Binder

Flex Hinge Binders

Special Occasion Binder

D-Ring Flex Hinge Binder

Vinyl Binder

Vinyl Silk Screen Binder

Full Color Vinyl Binder

Silk Screened Vinyl Binder

Expanded Vinyl Binder

Embedment 3-Ring Binder

Full-Color Paperboard Binder with Tabs

Paperboard Binder with Frosted Poly Cover

Paperboard Binder

Vinyl Tent Easel Binder

Tent Easel Binder

Assortment of Slipcases

Turned-Edge Slipcase with Binder

Poly Slipcase with Binder

Turned-Edge Binder and Slipcase

Oversized Turned-Edge Slipcase with 3-Ring Binders

Eco-Appeal Icon

Eco-Appeal Binders

Eco-Friendly Paperboard Binder